As the country begins to discover just who Sarah Palin is, one thing about her has become clear based off multiple media reports: this lady LOVES eating moose. LOVES it.  But since it’s illegal to sell wild game meat, she and her family hunt moose themselves.

“My name is Marvin the Moose. Sarah Palin brutally shot and killed my father when I was only 7 months old.”

There are conflicting reports as to what her favorite moose based food is.  Some sources say it is moose stew, while others say it is moose burgers.  But rest assured, it’s some sort of moose based dish.  This is clearly a woman who loves hunting and the outdoors – her husband is a commercial fisherman, and she enjoys fishing as well:

Photo via Alaska Seafood.

I can’t say that I’ve ever tried moose before, but if there is one thing my life experience has taught me, it’s that stoners can fall in love with even the most bizarre and unique foods out there. Yep, that’s right, Sarah Palin has admitted to smoking pot when she was younger – back when it was legal under Alaska law, even though it was still banned by the federal government.

Pot smoking, gun toting, moose eating Sarah Palin is most definitely not your normal Vice Presidental pick. 

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  1. Bob Dowell

    You guys are too much. How many politicians do you think we have that don’t have some kind of skeleton in their closet. Looking at and hearing Sarah Palin, the trooper and the Commisioner are probably jerks and deserved to be fired. So what if she likes moose meat. Its probably a lot better for you than the harmone and antibotic injected beef we get from the stores. Eskimos eat seals and whale blubber. So what!Some cultures eat rats, cats, dogs,etc. So what! So she smoked some pot. Big deal. Ninty nine % of you guys probably smoke pot or something stronger now. Hypocrites. I visted Alaska 6 weeks ago and drove through Wasilla. Boy! What that lady has done for that town compaired to the rest of Alaska towns is unreal. I did not know who she was until I got home. I am going to give her and McCain the chanse to do the same for the country even if she likes moose, has smoked pot and has fired a couple of jerks.

  2. Eick

    Bob –

    I don’t think any of my readers care that she likes moose. That’s just sort of an interesting fact about her. I’m sure moose is delicious. I would love to try it actually. As for her smoking pot, I say good for her. That’s a plus, not a minus in my book, and I doubt many readers here care about that.

    Now we don’t talk politics here much, but if the thought of someone as unintelligent and empty-headed as Sarah Palin being President doesn’t scare the shit out of you then I definitely worry about your judgement.

    I want a President that is way smarter than me, not more people who are definitely dumber than me.

  3. RW

    Wow, we dodged a bullet there. We barely escaped a pot smoker in lieu of a coke addict who is a psychopathic liar!


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