Unbelievable. Some people just don’t learn. You may remember that in April, So Good helped get the word out that Cindy McCain was busted for plagiarizing recipes from the Food Network. The recipes were taken word-for-word from the Food Network website, and listed on the McCain campaign website as “Mccain Family Recipes” with no credit given to the Food Network or mentions that the recipes originally came from their website.

Believe it or not, Cindy McCain has been caught AGAIN doing the EXACT SAME THING! For the last 4 elections, Parents.com and their publications have asked the candidates wives to submit their favorite cookie recipes.

This year, Michelle Obama submitted a recipe for shortbread cookies which utilize amaretto and have a lemon orange zest. Michelle credits the recipe to Mama Kaye, who is the Godmother of her two daughters.

Cindy McCain submitted a recipe for Oatmeal-Butterscotch cookies. Cindy says of the cookies, “originally for special occasions only, these butterscotch-chip-studded cookies are now ‘an absolute must’ whenever the whole family gets together.”

So who does Cindy McCain credit for the recipe? She says it came from “a good friend.” It turns out that like many Republicans, one of Cindy’s “good friends” is not an actual person, but a corporation. In this case, it’s the Hershey’s corporation, who have an identical recipe posted on their website.

Just like the previous recipe plagiarizing incident, the problem is not that Cindy McCain used someone else’s recipe, it’s that just like before, she gave zero credit to the original source of the recipe, and tried to pass it off as her own. And seriously, even if you aren’t going to give credit where credit is due, throw in some walnuts and a 5 minute longer baking time…it’s like she isn’t even TRYING to fool people who know how to use Google.

For shame Cindy, for shame.

Albert Einstein says the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Stop the recipe stealing insanity Cindy!!!!!!

Click below the fold to see actual screenshots of the “Cindy McCain recipe” and the original Hershey’s recipe. Spoiler warning: you aren’t going to find any differences.

Cindy’s Recipe“:

Hershey’s Recipe:

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  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t it equally plausible that a friend got the recipe from Hershey’s and then gave it to her?

  2. Mike Licht

    Thank goodness Ms. McCain’s autobiography won’t be a case of plagarism. She has hired Beth Brophy to write it for her.


    You know, Cindy could personalize those Oatmeal-Butterscotch cookies, put her personal stamp on them and make them her own. How about a touch of Percocet or Vicodin?

  3. Eick

    @anonymous – yep totally plausible, although even if that’s the case, still hilarious, because she literally just got caught doing the EXACT same thing.

    It’s also possible this recipe was submitted a full two months ago back when the campaign was assigning interns to dig up recipes and before they got caught doing so.

  4. mkuyel

    You idiots are just begging for McCain to launch an all out attack on the bitter Mrs Obama.

    And they’ll have MUCH MORE success with that america hater than you’ll have whining about recipes.

    Sheesh, you idiots never learn.

  5. xtine

    you’re on the wrong blog, mkuyel. this is about food, plagarism and idiocy, not politics. It’s not the author or other readers fault that the McCain family ranks high on the idiocy scale.

  6. Garnold

    “You idiots are just begging for McCain to launch an all out attack on the bitter Mrs Obama.”

    How? Why? Over what? Originality? You’re a slampig. How about that.

    “And they’ll have MUCH MORE success with that america hater than you’ll have whining about recipes.”

    Ah, nothing more refreshing than a smear campaign. Thank god the conservatives are trying something new and original like dirty politics. Original. Get it?

    “Sheesh, you idiots never learn.”

    We’re not the one’s who voted W in. In terms of learning, no one set American schools behind further than W.

    Oh, I’m sorry. This is about food, right?

    Shut your piehole.

  7. James

    This is definitely not about politics. This is about lying and theft.

    If you feel the need to point the political finger about this blog entry … perhaps you should point it where it belongs, at Cindy McCain.


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