Papa John’s is using a new optical illusion door hanger that makes it appear that someone is at your door when you look through the peephole. According to The Fire Wire, this marketing tactic/strategy was the winner of the Gold Lion for the best use of alternative media in direct marketing at the Cannes Advertising Festival. Pretty cool.

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  1. Oatmeal Cookie Guy

    I dunno… If someone stuck one of those things on my door, I’d be pretty upset. To me, that’s even more invasive/offensive than telemarketers’ calls and spall emails. Someone actually has to go up to your door and stick that think in front of your peep hole!?!? Creepy.

  2. marketingjunk

    Great, more crap to throw away. And you can be sure they’ll be getting a call if it screws up the paint on my door.


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