To make up for the “Crybaby” t-shirt incident, Papa John’s apologized and offered Cleveland area residents $.23 pizza on Thursday. The company stated that the discount was limited to carry-out orders only, and one pizza per person. But apparently for some Papa John’s franchises, kids don’t count as people:

Columbus Dispatch:

Jennifer Gunn, a West Side homemaker, stood in line with her 3-year-old niece, Makenzi, who also planned to buy a pizza but was not allowed to by the store.

Akron Beacon Journal:

”Hopefully two pizzas will be enough,” said Dennison, 25. She pointed to her son, Nathan, 21 months, in a stroller. ”We’re hoping he counts for one.” (He didn’t.)

A quick check of a biology textbook confirms that yes, children are in fact human beings, a.k.a. people. Come on Papa John’s! These children are clearly a “person” in both the biological and legal sense of the word. Their parents stood in line assuming that their kids would be able to purchase a pizza and Papa John’s wouldn’t deny them their right to buy a pizza just because of their age. To simply refuse to consider these children as valid customers is pretty unfair.

Is their a minimum age requirement to buy a pizza from Papa John’s? Isn’t this a blatant example of age discrimination?

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  1. Ryan

    Come on. You’re pushing this a little too far and it’s getting out of hand. Papa John’s decided to do something to say “sorry” about their wrongdoings and people try to take advantage of the offer.

    How many times have you seen a 21-month or three year old kid go into a pizza joint and order a take-out pizza? Never.

    They can put whatever terms they want on their offer and nobody can cry “discrimination.” I’m still sure someone will get up-in-arms about this, but it won’t be the three-year-old kid.

  2. DocChuck

    You just can’t do something nice for some people without them slapping you in the face for your nice gesture.

    A 21-month and a 3-year-old kid MAY be people, but they are certainly not take-out pizza-ordering people.

    This woman’s attitude smacks of greed, in my opinion.

  3. wendy

    Having worked for Papa John’s I can testify that the company doesn’t feel their drivers are people either.

  4. MrsDocChuck

    Children names “Makenzi” should not count. Neither should their low class parents.

  5. Sorry....

    I’m with Papa John’s on this, the parents are trying to count babies as customers….if it were me, the kid would have to at least be old enough to walk up to the counter and order a pizza by himself….otherwise, it is the parent ordering two pizzas, and trying to count an infant as a customer…


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