One of my favorite blogs, Endless Simmer, has a post up that makes me extremely proud to be a reader of theirs, but also proud to be an American. Endless Simmer reports that Playboy Magazine is recruiting women for a new pictorial called “Girls of the Olive Garden.”

Kendra Wilkinson, from The Girls Next Door is promoting the campaign, which apparently isn’t difficult, because she loooooooooves Olive Garden. Like, a lot. No, I mean, like, a ton. Like more than anyone you’ve probably ever come across before. The video below provides evidence of this:

The family friendly Olive Garden is not endorsing the pictorial, but has also said they will not stop any of their servers from participating if they so choose. Fun.

My only question now, is will they be posing for normal nude photos? Or will Playboy try and incorporate the food of Olive Garden some how? Will we see women in provocative poses with strategically placed breadsticks? Or sprawled across a giant tub of pasta?

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