I somehow managed to miss these reports two weeks ago, but thanks to a heads up from Mango & Ginger, I have learned that Top Chef contestant Spike Mendolhson, perhaps best known for his inane and ridiculous collection of hats, is planning to open a burger restaurant in Washington, DC called Good Stuff Eatery.

“I hereby challenge Brian Malarkey to a silly hat-off”

Spike is hoping the DC establishment will be the first of a new chain of burger and shake eateries.


Based on the description found on the website, it looks promising:


Props for specifying that it would be Vermont cheddar cheese. Also, I’m curious about the rosemary and thyme fries and the toasted marshmallow shake. I’ll be sure to check this place out as soon as it opens!

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  1. Professor Corn

    Yeah, it sounds good. I like Vermont cheddar. I like a good milkshake. I like fresh herbs and spicy mayo with my fries. However, every time I hear him talk on Top Chef I find myself overcome with the urge to strangle the life out of him. And his hats. Also, I suspect his Everest-sized ego will prevent from being a competent business owner anytime soon.

  2. Youppi

    How could Spike get eliminated right before the finals… terrible. I’m not saying he should have won the whole thing, but I think Lisa stinks.

  3. Ruca Bangs

    Spike lucked out for about a month as other people made some horrible mistakes. Same with Lisa, but she’ll probably be next to go, seeing as she’s been in the bottom 2 a bunch of times.

    I suppose this news of a burger joint was a bit of a spoiler that he didn’t win because if he did he’d be busy working for Top Chef, but I didn’t follow the clues!


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