While we’re on the subject of Snapple, I remember LOVING these when they came out the summer after my freshman year of college. Sun, Rain, Fire…delicious. Yet it’s been years since I’ve seen them on a store shelf.  Anyone else remember these?



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  1. Lauren

    Ooooh, I loved the air one! I think it had some sort of cactus juice in it. How funny is the flavor ‘diet air ‘though?

  2. Rocko Smocko

    Yeah. I remember these.
    They eventually put them into an Aluminum Bottles (way before all the beer guys).

    You can still find a few of the flavors in market but the plan is to discontinue entirely.

    If you live in the PA area look for a silver metallic bottle. The product inside should be the same formulation at what was in the glass.

    There seems to be a distributor in that region that stills pushes the stuff. Keep in mind that because the demand is very low the product is not product frequently, meaning the stuff you find on shelf could be really, really OLD!

  3. Youppi

    I think I liked ‘Earth’ and ‘Lightning’. One was a black tea, and the other (or both?) had bee pollen in it.

  4. eyb

    flippin love these.
    I havent had one in like a year because I cant find them any where anymore. these def got me through freshman year of college. i would love to have one right now.

  5. Nicole

    I freakin loved the Rain one to death! My mom used to get them for my dad to take to work but I would always drink all of the Rain ones! lol. I have been searching and searching for them. I miss them dearly!! I remember the alluminum bottles they came in and how it kept them super cold!

  6. dingle dangle dongle

    I just cracked open a METEOR that I had stored in my pantry for the past 5 years. It was still good!!!! You can’t find these around anywhere anymore. 🙁

  7. Motenchu

    OMG! I loved those, I was totally addicted, I even collected the bottles form all the ones I drank but they didn’t survive my moving many times. I had one every day in middle school. I’m trying to track down a way to get more, like seeing if Snapple sells them direct off there web site, or if I can send them a letter and get a petition to restart production of it.

  8. DonnaTron

    I still have my Elements bottle collection, and was just today trying to decide if it’s time to throw them all out (moving again for the first time after college). Back in middle school or early high school I took the empty bottles and filled them with water, put food coloring in, and they’ve been a fantastic colorful window sill decoration throughout hs/college.

    I think I’m going to keep them. Apparently they’re almost gone forever.

  9. woody invincible

    we drank every flavor, and we saved all the empties.
    they’re lost now.
    but there’s still an unopened bottle of “fire” left.
    we said we’d drink it on our wedding day.
    10 years later it’s still waiting.
    it’s sedimented, discolored, and will likely cause diarrhea –
    you can’t wait to drink it,
    and neither can i.


  10. Martin

    I miss these things. SOOOOOO many fond memories. I have written Snapple but it’s the same replies back. Nothing much. I hope they bring these back though I doubt they will. Miss them so much.

  11. Neotoma

    I can’t understand why everything I really enjoy the most always seems to be “a poor seller” and quickly discontinued. I LOVED Elements drinks. Those glass bottles screamed cool, and Rain was one of the best flavors of beverage ever. I also loved Orbitz, which seemed to be a drink ahead of its time, I guess. I wish they would bring these back, same bottles, label, and everything. (Snapple, are you listening?)

  12. Brian

    I used to drink at least two Snapple Elements a day. I was hooked on Siberian Cherry. I still crave it years later & would really like one right now.

  13. Bubba

    Have thirteen bottles of Snapple Elements Energy drinks in GLASS full never opened, Diet Air/ Lighting / Meteor / Atomic / Moon / Volcano / Gravity / Fire / Spark /Earth / Rain /And two different versions of Sun flavor. They have been stored room temp, no sunlight dark pantry. Just found in back was wondering if safe to drink or if they have any value$$$

  14. Danielle

    Rain was my favorite these were my child hood drink I drank at least two a day man I miss them so much 🙁 I will do anything to get the rain drink

  15. Martin

    Do you still have those 13 unopened bottles? I would like to buy them from you if you want to sell them. What would be a fair price?

  16. Bubba

    Have 13 bottles of Snapple Elements if truly interested want $130 for lot you pay shipping. Send Email with snapple in subject line. Check mail weekly


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