I know, I know, some of you are thinking: huh? As in, “how do onion rings and grits end up together?” I’ll tell you why: because they are both an often ignored side dish option.

Most breakfast places offer grits, but (at least in the North) the vast majority of people simply go with the default potato option, usually home fries or hash browns. The same is true when people order a sandwich or burger, rarely do they replace the fries with onion rings. In this respect, it would seem that grits and onion rings have a lot more in common than one might first think.

But which do you like better? Or do you not care about either?

Would You Rather?

Option #1: You can never eat grits again.


Option #2: You can never eat onion rings again.


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5 Responses

  1. Mandy

    Ive never had grits at all…. So I would choose option one! I do love Onion rings, especially from Sonic…

  2. Cattie

    I’m biased. I hate onion rings. I always have to take the onions out and just eat the batter, which is usually tasty. But still. Grits for me.

  3. Carl Weaver

    No contest. Grits rule. I know it’s too late to voice my opinion for new laws after the big one comes but I figured I would speak up anyway.

    My years of living in the north deprived me of grits, so I am glad to have them now that I live close to the South again. (The DC area is surrounded by the South but is culturally somewhere between Camden and Trenton, NJ.)

  4. Megan

    Grits… synnonymous for vomit with butter, sugar, syrup or some other disgusting topping to cover the flavor… or lack thereof.

    Bring on the onion rings and fat ass to follow.


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