Ever wondered how many chemicals and preservatives are in those fast food hamburgers you buy? You might not want to know the answer. At Bionic Burger, the “Burger Museum” tells the tale of a man who has been saving McDonald’s burgers for over 18 years.

“Evil version of Ronald McDonald or a character from Twisted Metal?”

This man realized that McDonald’s burgers are so chock full of chemicals that when left to sit out in the open air, they do not grow moldy or decompose like a normal burger does. Remarkably they maintain their basic shape and form for years and years!

“We use a highly scientific cataloging method known as ‘index cards’.”

Read on for more pictures and a YouTube clip about the “Bionic Burger.”

His collection is extensive, with at least one burger per year having been saved since 1989.


In fact, the “Bionic Burger” YouTube clip about this has been viewed over 900,000 times.

However, if you watch the video, you might notice that this man’s “burger museum” is no longer just a private hobby, it has been commandered to plug a website called “The Best Day Ever.” The site promises that those who join will get access to the secrets of their “Super Food Success System.”

But just keep in mind that the site is run by David Wolfe, a.k.a. this guy:

“Well hello there ladies. Wouldn’t you love to tossle these curly locks? Remember, I’m not just a diet guru, I’m a nutrition pioneer.”

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  1. dani

    sigh…this still won’t make me stop loving those Golden Arches…

    Oh, and those curls, how dreamy…


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