Petlane is now offering doggie treats in the shape of either elephants or donkeys, so now your dog can make a political statement every time he/she eats.


Petlane even offers a list to help determine if your dog is a Republican or Democrat:

Republican pets

  • They bark at passing neighbors and traffic; home security is very important to them.
  • Their ears perk up when Fox News comes on.
  • They are a big spender at the local pet store.
  • Strongly believe pet matrimony should occur only between two cats or two dogs.
  • Believe in the second-amendment right to bare teeth and claws.
  • Are for electric border fences around the yard.
  • Want national ID tags for all pets.
  • They advocate for the pet-tracking chip — you can never have too much surveillance.

Democratic pets

  • They want universal veterinary care for all.
  • They want their treats for free.
  • They socialize with all breeds at the dog park.
  • They prefer their owner uses biodegradable poop bags.
  • Are very concerned with the rising cost of pet food.
  • Have the young puppy and kitten vote locked.
  • Want to end the war of dogs vs. cats once and for all.
  • Think of Ralph Nader as the dog catcher.

3 Responses

  1. srhcb

    It so happens I have both dog and donkey cookie cutters, obtained from HO Foose Co:

    I suspect that were I to use them to make dog biscuits I’d observe the following behavior from our four dogs:

    My two younges, a 4 yr-old black female Mini-Poodle and 2 yr-old white male Shih Tzu (who, even in dog years, isn’t old enough to vote anyway), have Democratic inclinations, although they waver between support for Hillary and Obama in this election. Donkeys for sure!

    My oldest, the 15 yr-old white male Mini-Poodle/Terrier has become quite conservative in his old age, and would definately prefer the Republican Elephant.

    The Pomeranian, a 5 yr-old tan male, changes his mind constantly and will eat anything and everything on a first come/first served basis. A Libertarian I guess?


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