Thanks to my good friends over at Endless Simmer, I have discovered that Coolio, yes that Coolio, has a cooking show that has just premiered on MyDamnChannel called “Cooking with Coolio.”

“Yo don’t forget I had that song. You know the one. From that movie yo! With that white chick! Michelle Pfeiffer. Anyone remember? Anyone?”

I can only hope that Coolio’s catch phrases for the show are ridiculous play on words from his song or album titles. I want to see Coolio shouting catch phrases like “It takes some beef!” or name the episodes of his show after an album title. Instead of “My Soul” how about “My Bowl”? Or how about an episode titled “Gangsta Stalk” that is all about celery?

There is a 45-second preview for the show available on YouTube. Check it:

Also, the first episode of the actual show is now out. You can visit my buddies over at Endless Simmer and watch it there, or you can see it below.

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  1. Bryan

    “Is good, Shakazulu!”
    I had no idea Coolio was hard like that. I always thought of him as the Hollywood Square who hangs out with Ed McMahon.


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