Don’t get over analytical with this one, (i.e. what is defined as a cookie or a cracker?) Just answer the question people! Feel free to share in the comments why you chose what you did.

Would You Rather?

Option #1: You can never eat cookies again.


Option #2: You can never eat crackers again.


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14 Responses

  1. Youppi

    This one is good eick. I would have to say I love crackers and cheese more than I love cookies, but I probably eat more cookies. PLUS there are tons more cookies than good crackers (in my opinion).

    My heart says cookies, but my mouth says crackers. sigh…

    I’m keeping cookies…

  2. Ruca Bangs

    What about those sweet wheat crackers? they are basically cookies. And what’s the deal with tea-bisquits? they seem to be neither. Is a cracker with jam on it considered a fruit-cookie? And what’s the deal with fun-sized candy? Are smaller things funner? Is it how you use it? Eick, I allow you to use any of these hilarious and topical musings in your act.


  3. Eick

    I’m pretty sure I made clear that there will be none of this trying to define what a cookie or a cracker is nonsense.

    Don’t try and be too smart for the question.

    Oh, and I choose crackers. It’s not even that I love crackers, all things being equal, cookies are probably tastier, but I rarely eat sweets, so losing cookies from my routine would have virtually no impact on my life.

  4. J Temperance

    What’s the point of cutting out my savory? Sugar is overrated.

    All you poseurs who are voting cookie don’t know what is what. Crackers is where it’s at.

  5. Ruca Bangs

    A-ha! you fell right into my trap, and its a tiger-pit so have fun.

    hillary b brings up a good point, in that you can just toast bread (or let it go stale) and use that for crackers. Keep cookies!

  6. Susan

    I love cookies but rarely eat them. I have crackers several times a week with cheese, as I fix dinner. Keep the crackers, especially those nice English water crackers.

  7. Megan

    there are plenty of cracker “substitutes” out there to give up my beloved cookies!!

  8. Rogan

    Cookies! I love relaxing to Oreo’s, Nutter Butter, Milano, Fig Newtons, Teddy Grahams, chocolate chip, M&M, sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal… it goes on and on. If I want crackers, I’ll have chips. Mmm… Doritos and Pringles. 🙂


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