Pickle Sickle, Pickle Pop, Pickle in a tube. Whatever you want to call it, this is no doubt an interesting product that the folks at Bob’s Pickle Pops are selling.


So what is a pickle sickle? Dill pickles are pressed to extract as much of their juice as possible, then that juice is put in a plastic tube, much like flavor ice. The product is shipped unfrozen, but it is expected that once you get it, you will pop it in your freezer.

Although people have been eating pickle juice in various forms for a long time (including turning it into an energy drink for athletes), this product’s birth was a year ago, when a Texas family began selling the pickle pops at their roller skating rink and arcade. People loved them so much they decided to take the pickle pops to a bigger audience.

The product is being pitched to school cafeteria’s as well as consumers. Not a bad idea. Pickle juice doesn’t give you any calories, so this can be seen as a tasty frozen treat that even a diabetic could enjoy.

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  1. Pickle Mania Kid

    Would you believe it they are working on a Jalapeño Pickle Sickle. Yum hot and icy!


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