That’s the new slogan unveiled by Quiznos, which I believe is replacing “Mmmmm…toasty.” Wow. Way to rock the boat on that one Quiznos, your new slogan is SOOO different.


This is all part of a recently announced effort to remake Quiznos, improve sales, and remain competitive in the sandwich market. In addition to the new slogan, the company has also hired Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan to provide voice overs for TV ads and deliver their new slogan in his recognizable, baritone voice.

“Better moment in my career: The Green Mile or doing ads for Quiznos? Yeah, I can’t decide either.”

This is all part of a massive re-branding effort on the part of Quiznos, who brought in a new CEO in January 2007 because of lagging sales. Quizno’s new $2 offering, the Sammie, is considered a “key ingredient” of this remaking. The chain wants to provide customers with more small, low cost offerings that will rival those of competitors, such as the McDonald’s snack wrap.

The new strategy will include opening stores in new venues, such as kiosks in airports, on college campuses, and perhaps inside stores of big box retailers. Another new offering will be online ordering. While few chains offer online ordering now, it will soon become an unavoidable necessity for many sandwich chains, and I expect most will have to embrace it in the next few years.

However, the most interesting and bold idea being pushed by their new CEO, Greg Brenneman, is delivery service. A national sandwich chain attempting to become a delivery service seems to be a risky move. Franchise owners interested in getting into the delivery business can set it up by paying a $6,000 fee to corporate Quiznos. The company hopes this will open up new potential business among office workers who prefer not to venture out to get their lunch.

Will it work? Will delivery help improve their business? Will Sammies continue to sell? Will I ever stop being perpetually disappointed by Quiznos prices and offerings?

These are the questions we shall ponder.

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