Yesterday, I ventured into the heart of the beast – the Quizno’s down the street from my office. The goal? Sample the new Quizno’s “Sammies” that I wrote about two weeks ago. I’ve read reviews online of these new Sammies that are both glowing and terrible, so it was time to try them for myself.


A review of these Sammies must begin with the appearance…they are shockingly tiny.  I mean minuscule.  This is a huge problem, because before I even knew what they tasted like, I thought I was getting ripped off.  I could hold these things with two fingers and stuff it all in my mouth in one bite if I wanted to.  They are the same size or smaller as items you get on the dollar menu at McDonald’s, so I was suddenly worried I wouldn’t have enough food to fill me up.

I had opted for the value meal, which is two sammies (I went with Alpine Chicken and Italiano) with soup and a soda for $5.99.  Doesn’t seem like a bad deal at all, considering my #1 gripe with Quizno’s is price.

When it comes to taste, I had no complaints, but also no praise.  The sammies taste relatively fresh, and have a nice balance of meat, sauce and vegetables. After eating the soup and two sammies, I was moderately satisfied, but not super full.   If you are looking for a lunch that is mildly filling without being too heavy or overbearing, this could be a good choice for you.

Probably the best aspect of the sammies is that it allows for more variety in your meal.  For $4 to $6, the normal cost of a small sandwich, you can experience 2 or 3 different Sammies flavor combinations. For those who always want to experience different tastes with each meal (like me) it is a nice option.

I give the Sammies a 7 out of 10 on taste, but a 3 out of 10 on appearance…yeah, they look good, but it’s hard to get past how tiny they are.  Next time you’re at Quizno’s though, they are certainly worth giving a try, who knows, they could make you a fan.

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