If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard the expression “that’s like comparing apples and oranges.” Well we here at So Good don’t shy away from comparing apples and oranges with our bizarre questions, so why not do so literally?

Today’s question takes that expression and makes it an actual question.

Would You Rather?

Option #1: You can never eat/drink apples again.


Option #2: You can never eat/drink oranges again.


Things to consider: Orange juice, marmalade, mandarin oranges, blood oranges, fruit salads, apple juice, apple cider, apple pie.

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10 Responses

  1. Eick

    Giving up orange juice in general, or screwdrivers particularly would be a bummer, but I’m addicted to apple cider. Even though I drink OJ more year round, giving up apple pie and apple cider is too much, personally I’d have to ditch the oranges and just switch to grapefruit or pinneapple juice.

  2. Bill

    Bobbing for oranges: I was hoping to find out which is actually better for you… less sugar, more vitamins / fiber… and literally compare apples to oranges. I think the “apple a day” may be wrong.

  3. taylor tholen

    i LOVE these would you rathers. I use them in my classroom all the time. I teach foods classes at the high school level and we do would you rathers at the start of class a lot. keep ’em coming! This whole blog is FULL of articles and links that are great for me to use and just fun to read.

    APPLES….. what is more heartwarming and great than apple pie/crisp/cobbler

  4. ali

    ok i gave up oranges
    it would be so sad if i could never ever have a carmel apple ever again, wouldn’t it?
    and i just got my braces off 🙂 so i can finally bite into an apple now… i used to have to slice it really thin… not as good as biting into it don’t cha think?

  5. Madi

    Oh, my. I don’t mind apple sauce, or really soft fried apples, you know with the cinnamon and sugar? MMM! But man oh man I hate eating raw apples. They literally make my teeth bleed! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Orange juice. Like, its the way I strive. Mmmm even though I cannot eat oranges, the thing I enjoy the very most in this world is drinking them.


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