On December 23rd, I noted that the winning video in the Kraft Happy Sandwich campaign displayed a spam comment for a porn site. On January 2nd, I once again pointed out that the spam comment was STILL there, and had been visible since November 28th:

“wat’s up guys?any one out there who want to watch SEX VIDEOS, HENTAI, SEXY VIRGIN TEENS HAVING THERE FIRST TIME IN SEX & LATEST MOVIES? just click the link below!”

Well it looks like someone at Kraft read my blog post and FINALLY figured out how to utilize the delete function. This is Internet 101 people – you see a spam comment, you delete it. It’s not brain surgery. Nice work Kraft, it only took you 5 weeks to figure that out.

2 Responses

  1. uhhhh

    don’t flatter yourself. kraft obviously doesn’t read your blog, if it took them so long to delete the spam.


  2. Eick

    uhhhh…actually Kraft does read it, their VP of Marketing has left comments here.

    They obviously didn’t see my post until after they got back from the holidays on the 2nd or 3rd, which would explain the lag time in it being deleted. Still, it’s lame that they need to read a post from me to know they should delete spam.


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