Readers of So Good know that I work in marketing, and I love to examine and critique the various marketing campaigns of different food manufacturers. This Skittles ad has been out for a few months now, but I was not made aware of it until I saw this post over at Candy Addict today.

I’ll let you be the judge as to whether you think it’s a good commercial. The premise is funny – I can imagine a bunch of ad execs laughing up a storm when they first brainstormed the idea. However, when you see the idea executed, you realize that maybe you don’t want your product associated with the crushing depression that one realizes that having the “Skittles Touch” would entale. Hey, I can’t hold my newborn son, but when I touch this desk it turns to Skittles! Bizarre, and hard to see that as a selling point for the candy, even for the dark comedy lovers who find it humorous.

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  1. Ruca Bangs

    That guy needs to make gloves out of skittles so he can do things. What are skittles he touches going to do? Turn into skittles? Oh no!

    He seemed pretty old, why hasnt he learned yet?

    Also, the best commercial would be him on trial for murdering the man on the bus, then they send him to prison and he touches the walls and the whole place turns into a big skittles wave which crashes through the fences and sweeps all the criminals into a sleepy, peaceful town.

  2. shatraw

    that was pretty hilarious. skittles has had good ad campaigns for a while now. and apparently they really work on my mother, because even though i hate skittles (and have repeatedly told her so) she continues to buy me those giant bags of them whenever i’m home.


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