In August, I alerted So Good readers to a contest by Wendy’s to choose the newest burger for their menu. At the time, the Philly Style Hoagie burger was in a tight race with the Bacon Mushroom Teriyaki Burger and the Teriyaki Blast Burger.  The other day comes news that it has been named the winner of the Wendy’s newest burger contest.  Perhaps Teriyaki lovers split the vote?  Congrats to Ian Van Camp, a screenwriter from L.A. who came up with the burger idea.

Personally I think the new burger sounds intriguing and delicious.  It officially hits the menu in 2008, and I can’t wait to try it.  The graphic below provides an overview of the burger’s ingredients.


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  1. Ruca Bangs

    Shredded lettuce, salami, and italian dressing are all apparently made out of cartoon wendy?

    graphic needs a little work guys. Apparently, they had to go look up what lettuce, dressing, and salami look like, got lazy, and replaced them with ‘wendy’ or pippy-longstocking, or whoever that little crazy-pig-tailed-irish siren is.

    Didnt pippy longstocking eat screws, nails, and bolts? Soooooo good!


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