Alas my love of Vermont basketball and a busy weekend shattered my goal of 5 straight days of Would You Rather? questions.

However, today, two days late, I deliver the promised 5th question. From this point forward, expect to see about one new question a week…no more waiting a month in between questions. This next question was suggested by a reader, and I figured I’d run with it.

Would You Rather?

Option #1: You can never eat honey again.


Option #2: You can never eat maple syrup again.


As a Vermonter, born and raised, this is an easy one for me, but I’d like to hear other people weigh in.

Things to consider: pancakes, waffles, french toast, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, honey brown beer, honey nut cheerios, honey bunches of oats, honeycomb cereal, drinking tea, maple sugar candy and sugar on snow.

Which Option Would You Choose?

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5 Responses


    I would never be able to give up the maple syrup. The REAL stuff. Some people think Log Cabin counts. Nope. My family lives on top of a mountain in Vermont, and my dad helps his neighbor bottling syrup during sugaring season. He sends me back to VA with gallons at a time and not a drop goes unenjoyed. Yum.


    I’m with you on the importance of the “real stuff” i.e. 100% maple syrup. That was all I ever had growing up. When I tried Aunt Jemima in college, I thought, “what is this crap?”

    Ruca Bangs

    Yeah VT!!!!

    We used to make our own syrup for years, but then us “sap-carriers” had to leave for skoolin’.

    Nothing is better than fresh, hot syrup right off the pan. NOTHING!!!! It is the nectar of the gods.


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