It’s day four in our run of five straight days of Would You Rather? questions.

Today’s question has no theme whatsoever. Whatever you choose will be in effect for the next 5 years of your life. Enjoy.

Would You Rather?

Option #1: You have a never-ending pot of hot, fresh, pork fried rice in the kitchen of your house/apartment.


Option #2: You can get free hot dogs from any restaurant, food establishment or street cart that sells them.


One rule: With either choice, you are the only one who can eat the food. You can’t give it away or try and sell it or profit off it in anyway.

Things to consider: You can get a hot dog at anytime when you are out and about and get hungry but you’d have to go home to get the free pork fried rice, unless you carry a packet around with you. Likewise, if you’re at home, you’d have to go out to get the free hot dogs. Also, the pork fried rice is always the same, where as with the hot dogs, you could go anywhere you want, seeking out the best gourmet hot dogs around, and they’d all be free.

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6 Responses

  1. Windy

    I tried to vote all of the ‘Would you rather’ questions, but some of them are quite hard to choose (and I leave one of them out). This is case, I would rather have fried rice because it’s my comfort food! 😛

  2. Youppi

    eick! loving this one. while I love rice (especially the pork fried variety), I gotta go hot dogs on this one.

    a) on vacations, I can always get a hot dog, (I couldn’t bring the rice pot everywhere).

    b) what if I’m living on the streets in a year? I won’t even have a kitchen! but, I’ll always be able to go to a street vendor and get a free dog.

    c) $5.50 hot dogs at baseball games? NO LONGER! Now I can splurge and get the foot long, FREE!

    question, though: does a corn dog count as part of the free hot dogs? I mean it IS a hot dog, just on a stick and a different type of “bun”… it still wouldn’t change my answer.

  3. fun

    tristan raises several pertinent points. initially, i chose pork fried rice because a) pork=pig=fucking delicious and b) baseball games. so, i would like to change my answer. now exactly can we do that eick- do you need my ip address or something?


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