Due to popular demand, there will now be an increase in the number of Would You Rather? questions that I pose to my readers. To celebrate these requests for more, we will kick things off this week, with 5 straight questions over 5 straight days!

Check out all the previous Would You Rather? questions I have posed over the last two months by clicking any of the little blue Would You Rather? links I have scattered around this post.

And now, please to be enjoying the first of 5 straight days of questions:

Would You Rather?

Option #1: Anytime you go to a sit-down restaurant, you get 75% off the listed price for food, no matter how expensive the restaurant. However, you have no control over your order. You are given the exact order chosen by the customer 10 orders in front of you.


Option #2: When you order food for delivery, it is 25% off the listed price, all the time, no matter what.



1. You may not choose to pay full price at a restaurant in order to get what you want. The 75% discount and lack of food choice will apply your entire life.

2. You may not profit financially off your discount(s) in any way. The food you order from either option must be eaten by you, or, if you are ordering delivery in a group, everyone pays an equal share, you cannot use your discount to make money off the group.

3. With option #1, you only receive the FOOD (i.e. entree, appetizer) of the person 10 orders in front of you, so if they ordered a $500 bottle of wine, that doesn’t affect you.

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4 Responses

  1. MKO

    Easy. Option 1. Even a less than a hit at a nice restaurant that someone else orders for me would be better than Domino’s. And, I would learn to time my arrival like people learn to count cards in Vegas.

  2. mrbig

    As a long-time player of “would you rather” — not here, but elsewhere — my advice is this: keep it simple. The best “WYR” questions are stunningly simple and deeply problematic. This ain’t. Simplify, or lots of people will be saying, “It was only funny the first 20 times. . .”


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