French cuisine is popular worldwide for its exquisite dinners, wine, and rich desserts. Alongside the Italian cuisine, it’s one of the most popular in Europe. What makes it so special and suitable? With cooperation with London’s Salt Flakes restaurant, we will try to answer this question.

French cuisine is often associated with Michelin stars, elaborate, difficult to prepare and expensive dishes. While no one can deny the richness of the flavors, in reality, the dishes aren’t always expensive. Food is an integral part of French culture. French food culture is even appreciated by UNESCO! Below you’ll find the 5 reasons why French cuisine is so popular.


  • Fresh ingredients


Fresh ingredients play a big part in French gastronomy. They’re the basis of the rich flavors. Paired with well-mastered dinner preparations techniques you’re presented with an extraordinary experience.

French cuisine puts an emphasis on local ingredients from the markets or even from the gardens. The dishes are harmonious with the main ingredient surrounded by vegetables and thick sauce. The dishes are intense with fresh herbs to enhance the experience.


  • Tradition


France’s culinary achievements are as rich as their history. Many of the dishes are traditional in some regions. The foundation of today’s French cuisine is the locality. They prepared food based on what was closest to home. Often the food was free, picked from the garden or was growing nearby.

That’s why we can distinguish four types of French cuisine: the classical (foods with cream-based sauces), the haute cuisines (food with grand presentation), the modern cuisine (smaller portions and simpler ways of cooking), the regional cuisine.


  • Made to impress


French dishes often stun with their presentation. French food is ideal for restaurants and it used to be prepared to impress the royals. These days it dazzles with decadent desserts like crème brulee, chocolate fondants, macaroons or profiteroles.

However, the most impressive part of the French cuisine is not the culinary aspect. It’s the mentality of the whole experience. In France food is considered something that brings people together. It’s about spending good time with family and friends while enjoying great dishes.

French cuisine is all about flavor, passion and spending the time with important people in our lives. It’s also healthy as it’s based on fresh and local ingredients. Even if you’re not going to France you can try one of the local French restaurants, which put the emphasis on sharing what’s important in this whole experience.

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