The modern home can be an incredibly dangerous place. After all, most of the accidents occur at home, and not just because we spend most of our time there. There are slips, falls, cuts and burns, and that’s just the beginning.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the most dangerous things in your kitchen, including everyday food items and appliances.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs get love and hate in equal doses. Junk food lovers can’t get enough of them, but nutritionists and health experts are forever warning people away, and as we shall discover, they have every right to.

A huge percentage of hot dogs sold by street vendors are made using unsanitary equipment and contain trace amounts of dangerous bacteria. The meat used is also very low quality, as they use mechanically separated chicken (AKA pink slime) as opposed to pork. And to make matters worse, they also happen to be the perfect size to lodge in a windpipe, which is why nearly a fifth of all child choking fatalities are caused by hot dogs.

Medicines and Food Supplements

Regulated medicines are not as safe as you think, and unregulated food supplements can be downright deadly. There has been a sharp rise in the number of deaths and injuries caused by consumption of food supplements as seemingly harmless as green tea extract, not to mention the thousands who die after reacting to prescription medications.

We need to hold pharmaceutical companies responsible for this mess, but as they supply such huge volumes of cash to government coffers, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. It’s not just in the hope that these issues occur either, as it’s also something that nursing neglect lawyers are dealing with in nursing homes, where there should be more of a focus on care and more attention paid to side effects, but where there is often very little of either.

Anyone can react badly to anything, and in excess, even the healthiest things can kill you. These are things we all need to take into consideration at all times, while also abstaining from prescription meds unless we absolutely need them and have been prescribed them.

Exploding Appliances

In the early days of refrigeration, fire and explosions were a genuine fear and a fairly common occurrence. They used volatile gases (when we finally found an alternative in CFCs, we ended up poisoning the environment) and were not very secure.

These days it’s a different story, but the appliances in your kitchen still pack a punch and if something goes wrong they can still explode and even burst into flames. This is increasingly common because many devices are being cheaply made in China, and some are even being counterfeited.

There have been dozens of major recalls resulting from exploding gadgets and appliances, including dryers, washing machines, ovens, toasters (very common) and microwaves. It’s important to do your research on what you buy, to check safety certificates, and to focus on quality when you can afford it.

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