It’s impossible to walk past Filter Café and miss it. The huge letters spelling “WIRELESS CAFÉ” splattered across the large glass window is for sure to draw you in. Let’s face it, with almost everybody being a 21st century techy nowadays, for a café, having free Wi-Fi is almost as important as a good cup of Joe.

 Well a round of applause, Filter Café has the best of both worlds, rest assured their freshly brewed coffee is as good as their wireless internet is fast. If the Wi-Fi didn’t lure you in, their artsy and sleek exterior will for sure catch your attention. I was more than pleased to find that their inside was just as attractive as their outside. Filled with colorful wall art, eclectic furniture, and blown up photographs splattered across the walls, I seriously was starting to wonder if I walked into a café or a hipster art gallery.



I absolutely loved the hipster, laidback, free-spirited vibe of the place. My favorite part about the place’s design was that the furniture didn’t match at all, spread throughout the space were mix matched patterned sofas, couches, ceiling fans, and vintage lamp posts. It was completely random, but yet strangely looked perfectly good together.



That’s just the beautiful unexplainable asymmetry of art, which Filter brought out beautifully. Besides having a full on graffiti wall filled with postings for art galleries, Filter also makes it a point to change their art displays on a regular basis, serving as a friendly platform for artists to showcase their work. So it’s really no wonder why this place attracts so many local artists and creators of all kinds. With its eclectic and cozy vibe, Filter serves as a perfect little spot for artists to find inspiration, share ideas, and of course grab a delicious cup of coffee while they’re at it.

 Speaking of coffee, Filter of course offered all the classic must haves, with different flavored Mochas, Lattes, and Cappuccinos written in chalk across their wall, but the most adorable part has got to be their mugs. The fact that they use uniquely designed coffee mugs makes it feel like you’re actually sipping away in the comfort of your home instead of just walking out of a Starbucks. No joke, I swear I got a different mug each time.


To go with that coffee, Filter also offers a wide selection on their food menu, including chopped salads, pastries, sandwiches, wraps, and even oatmeal.


Although I tried the chicken salad wrap, the tofu wrap filled with Leabanese Schwarma and veggies was definitely on my “To-Try” list. The interesting Thanksgiving wrap also caught my eye, but probably should leave that for the holidays.

With their Hipster hash browns and their Veggie omelet, Filter’s breakfast menu surely doesn’t disappoint either.


Oh yes, one last tidbit, don’t forget to stop by the bathroom on your way out. I’m not kidding, you’ll understand why once you see it. Filter definitely knows what artists like, to leave their mark and create wherever and whenever they can, in Filter’s case, the bathroom is no exception. Literally filling all four walls with chalkboard, Filter actually provides a piece of chalk in the bathroom so that you can be creative even when doing your business.


Leaving my initials and a smiley face, I officially declare that I’ve left my mark. Filter, as an artist myself, your openness to creativity and delicious coffee is certainly appreciated, I shall definitely be back.


Filter Café

1373 North Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL.


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