Stroll down Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and The Purple Pig’s huge black and purple gate is for sure to stop you mid step. 


It’s a must stop especially if you’re having hearty cravings and in the mood for a full on meal. It’s called The Purple Pig for a reason, not just known for its pork, it’s literally a carnivore heaven with a menu filled with various roasted meats. To be honest, I’ve had my vegetarian days in the past, where red meat was taken off my personal menu, but after trying Purple Pig, boy am I glad that I changed my mind. Just take a bite of the turkey leg and you’ll completely understand why it’s just too good to resist.

 An idea resulted from a collaboration of top chefs from three restaurants, The Purple Pig was the creation of Mia Francesca’s Scott Harris, Spiaggia’s Tony Mantuano, and Heaven on Seven’s Jimmy Bannos and Jimmy Bannos Jr. In result, this genius Purple Pig collaboration created an eclectic menu, filled with a selection of non-traditional dishes, including cured meats, cheeses, and vegetable dishes, all cooked with a Mediterranean flare.  But perhaps what The Purple Pig takes the most pride in is still their meat. Taking the Charcuterie style of cooking seriously, Purple Pig strongly believes in preserving and cooking their meat to bring out the meat’s strongest aroma and flavor. No wonder their meat is so delicious.
Since it is called “The Purple Pig”, let’s start off with their delicious pork which comes in a variety of entrees.


Perhaps one of their most popular choices, their Pig Ears with Eggs was definitely one of a kind. Although Pig Ears may be quite a new experience for some, it wasn’t a first for me since it’s a quite common dish in Chinese cuisine. However, I’ve never quite had it like this, fried to a crispy perfection, mixed with spinach, and paired with sunny side eggs.


On the appetizer list, the tender Milk Braised Pork Shoulder smothered in cheese covered potatoes, is a superb choice to warm up your stomach.


Another classic off the pork list is the Pork Oscuputo and Potatoes. Having a strong tomato flavor, this dish is both huge in size and in taste.


Their selection of other meats surely doesn’t disappoint either, with their tender veal sweet in flavor.


But speaking of huge, the lamb steak is only starters. This humongous turkey leg definitely stole the show. After seeing this, my thought immediately went back to the medieval times when people would hold turkey legs by the hand and happily take big hearty bites by the mouthful. In other words, this turkey leg is every carnivore’s dream.


Purple Pig doesn’t only do meat, the uniquely sour flavor of this Brussel Sprout appetizer is a great way to tone down the flavor of the meat.


Besides a vast wine selection, last but not least, is Purple Pig’s dessert menu. Although filled with various goodies consisting of chocolate tarts, fried donuts, and cakes, I still can’t forget their Affogato.


As a coffee lover, having rich expresso poured over creamy vanilla ice cream was perfection, and if I dare say, just as good as that turkey leg.

 So come and experience what a true carnivore haven should be like, Purple Pig will surely welcome you.



The Purple Pig

500 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL.


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