Alice in Wonderland is undoubtedly among the list of favorite fairytales for many children. Who doesn’t love a whimsical adventure filled with crazy Mad Hatters, curious cats, and tea parties? Well, Alice has definitely jumped out of the storybook and brought her tea party all the way to New York City. I’m serious, welcome to New York City’s Alice’s Tea Cup. With a total of three locations scattered across New York’s Manhattan, Alice has definitely made her imprint on the Big Apple. Stepping into the cozy teahouse, I was greeted with various tiny decorations, elegant wooden windows and furniture, and colorful embroidery. My first impression was that this has got to be one of the most adorable teahouses I’ve ever seen.


It definitely felt like stepping into the pages of a storybook, being personally invited to the popular tea party by Alice herself. Filled with a British vibe and a whimsical touch, Alice’s Tea Cup certainly lives up to its name and brings the loveable fairytale to life. A suitable gathering place for both families, children, and friends, Alice’s Tea Cup offers a lively and fun atmosphere for loved ones to enjoy a high tea that’s much more magical than just simply scones and tea. But of course, there’s nothing simple about Alice’s scones and tea. With a whole separate menu just for their extensive tea selection, it can be pretty difficult to make the decision between their caffeinated black teas, white teas, or fruit teas (and that’s just naming a few). We literally spent over twenty minutes just looking through the tea menu. Their scones definitely don’t fall short either, with a variety of special flavors offered daily. We finally made our choice on the pumpkin scone and the chocolate butterscotch scone.



Good choices they were, the pumpkin scone was hands down my favorite. As a huge pumpkin lover, I admit I may be a bit biased, but after taking a bite out of this lusciously fluffy, soft baked, and deliciously spiced scone, I’m sure you will become a pumpkin lover too. The chocolate butterscotch was a little crunchier in texture but just as tasty.


As for the teas, we decided on the Mango Amazon and the Hawaiian Paradise. Slightly sweet and mixed with the tangy fruity taste of mangoes, the Mango Amazon was a perfect black tea to have along with the pumpkin scone. Meanwhile the Hawaiian Paradise was a tasty match for the chocolate butterscotch scone. More sour, a bit fruity, and creamed with honey and milk, the Hawaiian Paradise is only one of the many delicious decaffeinated teas that Alice offers.



Sweets aren’t the only things that caught our eye. Known for their traditional vegetarian breakfast and brunches, Alice goes beyond the typical high tea, offering a wide selection of sandwiches, soups, and crepes as well. Two nutritious choices are the veggie potato leek soup, which comes with rolls of fresh rosemary Bruschetta bread, and the shrimp and palms salad, which comes with leek and refreshing lime vinaigrette.



Filled with classic silverware and traditional British charm, Alice’s Tea Cup is certainly a warm and cozy little oasis. So stop by, have a cup of tea with Alice, and find out why this has become New York’s most whimsical tea spot.


Alice’s Tea Cup

Grade: A

Chapter I

102 West 73rd St.


Chapter II

156 East 64th St.


Chapter III

220 East 81st St.

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