Water is the most essential thing that we consume, but the brands we’ll look at in this post are marketing water as an luxury designer product – and from these guys, it don’t come cheap!

So, if you’re feeling thirsty you’d better check your bank account, because these are the most expensive bottled waters in the world. (Prices are all for a 750ml bottle).

1) Acqua di CristalloTributo a Modigliani – $60,000

Yes you did read correctly. This bottle of water costs $60,000. And at that price it is probably the most expensive bottle of drinking water in the world. Perhaps it’s sourced from the fountain of youth, you may think. Alas no, so why is it so pricey? Rather than the cradle of life, this expensive sipping water comes France and Fiji, but it is not really the water that drives up this ostensibly crazy price (although it does contain 5mg of gold dust). It’s all in the bottle really, which is designed by celebrated spirit bottle artisan Fernando Altamirano. Oh, and it’s also made from 24 karats of solid gold. There are also silver and crystal varieties available at a mere $3,600. It’s enough to make you need a drink.

2) Kona Nigari Water – $400

Kona Nigari Water is sold in Japan, and the sales pitch is that it helps with weight loss, stress reduction and skin tone. The water itself is desalinated sea water, which is collected from the bottom of the ocean near Hawaii. The salt is then removed and and the water bottled for sale to the more portly, anxious, acne-covered and affluent members of the Japanese nation.

3) Fillico – $220

Fillico is yet another high priced Japanese bottled water, which is bottled in Osaka. King and queen chess piece style bottles contain the so-called ‘jewelery water’, each encrusted with diamantes and topped with a gold crown. A right regal drink but available to any old commoner, provided they have a couple of hundred bucks in their pocket.

4) Bling H2O – $40

This is another encrusted bottle, this time with Swarovski crystals which highlight the brand name on the front to draw the eye of wealthy water fans and magpies. Bling H2O is also corked like a champagne bottle to suggest an extra touch of class, and the top is wrapped in a shimmering silver foil. It’s also a similar price to some basic champagne, but is this how you would celebrate your next big occasion?

5) Veen -$25

Having descended from heady prices like $60,000 a $25 bottle of Veen seems like an absolute bargain now. But why is this (still more expensive than most) bottle worth your hard earned cash? Veen is sourced in Finland and there are claims that it’s one of the purest and freshest bottled waters in the world. It comes in a nice, sleek glass bottle too, but would you spring for this Scandinavian spring water when another bottle is available for a tenth of the price?

Author bio: John Summers is a writer and regular consumer of water, but usually cheaper versions than those mentioned above. He blogs here for water cooler supplier Aqua Vitae.

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