With smoothies to rival Jamba Juice and mouthwatering flatbread sammies that put Quiznos to shame, Tropical Cafe outdoes the competition in every aspect of the business.

The Chipotle Flatbread Sammie is made up of a warm, soft, doughy flatbread that wraps around the explosion of flavor inside. Composed of tender, juicy chicken, strips of savory bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a tangy Chipotle sauce with a kick to it, the sandwich is an irresistible composition of flavor.

The sandwich is a pretty good size — enough to serve as a dinner for many, and for big eaters, it’ll keep you full for at least a few hours. We found a similar item on the Jamba Juice menu when we checked it out, but this flatbread seemed to contain more chicken than Jamba’s. I devoured mine pretty quickly, as I was starving and it was delectable, but there’s a lot of vegetables and chicken packed into the flatbread.

I was especially impressed to hear that this was coming from a smoothie shop. I had just been given a sandwich and told to review it, without awareness that sandwiches aren’t even the main dish at this restaurant.


Knowing that this sandwich isn’t even what they’re best at makes me want to drop everything and go get a smoothie right now.

The ability to serve a delicious sandwich makes Tropical Cafe stand out as more than just a smoothie shop, but a restaurant. Stroll in and get a sandwich for lunch, and while you’re at it, enjoy a massive selection of smoothies to drink while you’re downing your meal.

You can enjoy other sandwiches, flatbreads, and wraps, with flavors ranging from chicken pesto, to ham and swiss, to the pineapple-packed Caribbean Luau.

Thus far, all I’ve tried is the Chipotle Flatbread, but I’m already impressed. That being said, I plan on getting a taste of every item on the menu after what I’ve seen so far. You should too.

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Zack Hubbard is a food enthusiast based in Arizona. He loves to try new food and is a student at Arizona State.
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