They said it couldn’t be done. How can you top the already perfect combination of fresh ingredients that make up the Chipotle burrito? Its success has made it a brand known around the world.

An emphasis on always serving fresh ingredients in tandem with perfectly seasoned meat makes their product universally-loved. Even their salads have a secret Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette dressing that makes them stand out over the classiest restaurants.

So, when the term “Quesarito” was coined and avid fans started posting pictures of the secret menu item all over social media, why did the custom-burrito giant not feature it on the menu?

The fact is, there is actually never any formal training for employees to craft the Quesarito. It truly can correlate to a fable, as the story behind its making only travels between employees by word of mouth, almost like an urban legend.

The chain’s refusal to include the monstrous burrito innovator on the menu has perhaps stirred up more publicity for the entree than putting it on the menu would have. More and more, Quesaritos are showing up as topics on Twitter, being posted on Instagram, Facebook, and any other websites that people want to rave about the delectable innovation to the already-esteemed Chipotle burrito.

I was intrigued when I first heard of this, and went to go see what all the hype was about. I walked up to the counter, and uttered the word “Quesarito”, and a small but visible grin spread across the cashier’s lips. She told me I’d have to wait a few minutes for them to make the quesadilla, then to come back up to choose my toppings.


I sat and watched them craft the first part of my soon-to-be glorious Quesarito, and after putting in all of my favorite toppings (I like a lot), I marveled at the massive, glorious entity that I was about to consume.

Or try to.

Warning: do not drive or operate heavy machinery within an hour of eating the Quesarito. Okay, that may be a little extreme, but it’s a portion big enough to leave even the most accomplished eater immobilized for a little.

The meal, estimated to be about 1500 calories, packs all the punch of the normal Chipotle burrito, but with an added layer of thick cheesy goodness, which is delicious, but quickly filling.


Maybe in my days as a runner with an insane metabolism, I could have conquered this beast, but for the average burrito-eater, consuming the Quesarito in its entirety is a feat that only the elite can accomplish. I sat in defeat, staring at ¼ of a massive burrito, but sadly far too full to eat another bite.

This was one of those meals that are so delicious that you want to eat until you’re too full to move. I was actually pretty disappointed that I couldn’t eat it, not as a blow to my pride as a big eater, but rather that so much delicious burrito was going to waste.

The spiciness of the Chipotle meat seasoning has its edge taken off by the overload of melted cheesy goodness that surrounds the fresh inner ingredients. For a spicy food wimp like myself, this made for the ultimate combination of cheese and Chipotle flavor, and a very satisfied, but full food critic.


The Quesarito may never become a part of the official Chipotle menu, but as the word spreads, its fame and following is sure to grow. I can say with certainty that I’m a converted Quesarito-lover. It’s only a matter of time until you are too.

 View the full secret menu here:

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Zack Hubbard is a food enthusiast based in Arizona. He loves to try new food and is a student at Arizona State.
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