I took a ravenous bite, tearing off quite literally more than I could chew. The next 30 seconds of my life were spent basking in the glory of the spicy, savory jerky that I couldn’t seem to chew up.

What stood out the most to me was the accuracy of the product’s name. Its gooey, flavor-packed chunks of heaven easily live up to the title of “sticky”, packing a piquant punch that is irresistible to any meat-lover. The tough outer texture of the beef coincide perfectly with the flavor gushing inside.

So, unable to hold myself back, I tore off another chunk, this time a little smaller, and enjoyed the zesty bite of the black pepper mixed with the sweet flavor of the beef. The temptation to completely ignore the social norm of eating in portions nearly overcame me, but the knowledge of a long work day ahead persuaded me to savor the moments I shared with Jimmy’s Sticky Jerky.

beef jerky

Throughout my day, I enjoyed periodic bites off the slabs of delicious, juicy, seasoned beef. The pile diminished quickly; I couldn’t seem to satiate my appetite for the stuff.

With 30g of protein in one 2.5-ounce bag, and low amounts of sodium, this delectable delicacy makes for a fantastic snack before a workout or just to serve as quick sustenance for a long day. Its portability makes it a perfect choice for road trips, bringing to school, work, or any other event on the go.

All in all, Jimmy’s Sticky Jerky has the taste to be a prime competitor with the biggest brands in beef jerky. I highly recommend it to anyone, from jerky connoisseurs to someone in need of a quick, filling snack. Its distinct flavor sets it apart from the competition as the best on the market.

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Zack Hubbard is a food enthusiast based in Arizona. He loves to try new food and is a student at Arizona State.
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