It’s Monday, So Good readers, which means it’s time for another Eating Styles poll. This week’s topic: Pop-Tarts!

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Specifically, do you toast them? While I admire the preparedness and gourmandism of those who always toast their Pop-Tarts, I personally never seem to find the time. A Pop-Tart, for me is a treat hastily and guiltily scarfed down at work or in the car. Also, I can never seem to eat a toasted Pop-Tart with enough finess or patience to not burn my tongue on the scalding hot interior. BUT toasting your Pop-Tart makes it gooey and warm, and results in an all-around better culinary experience. Do you toast your Pop-Tart, So Good readers? Vote below and explain in the comments.


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      microwaving them is the way to go! you dont have to worry about the possibility of burning them and its quicker


    It depends on the flavor, yo! Some are best toasted while others are best as-is or even frozen. Others are best microwaved. Some examples: smores and chocolate chip should be toasted, frosted fruity flavors left as-is, cookie-dough is great frozen, and unfrosted fruity flavors are best microwaved and then buttered :).


    Yes, and butter them! Which is a bad habit devloped by a Midwestern mom who put butter or mayonnaise on everything. Good thing Ionly ever buy a box once every 18 months.


    I’ve never been a big fan of toasted Pop-tarts. To truly get the filling hot, you have to burn the crust little and that just ruins the whole experience for me. Plus, if I have time to toast something, then I probably have time to sit down and eat a more legitimate breakfast, like waffles or cereal. Microwaving a Pop-tart takes less time, but it often ends up a bit on the tough side. I like to eat my Pop-tarts straight out of the pack since it’s more convenient and I like the raw, doughy flavor. Brown sugar cinnamon ones are the one exception. They need to be heated for the flavor to really come through.


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