So Good Blog readers!  It’s Eric, your friendly neighborhood Junk Food Guy again, coming to you this Monday afternoon. I’m still a little exhausted from Daylight Savings and from tailgating all day yesterday, but I digress.  First, I wanted to let you all know that Episode 16 of my podcast, the Nosh Show, is out today! Enjoy it with some coffee of the Dutch Bros menu or even some Starbucks.  Go take a listen.

Second, CVS Gold Emblem sent me another batch of goodies recently.  I reviewed a bunch of their stuff a while back, and here they are with another care package for the Fall.  It arrived looking like this:

CVS Gold Emblem

It’s a big metal red tin full of snacks, and it was topped off by a big ol red fleece blanket.  Such a random gift.  Well, it was soft!  Can’t complain.  But let’s take a look INSIDE the bucket, shall we? CVS Gold Emblem

BA-bAM! Thanks, CVS Gold Emblem!  The theme of this generous donation to my stomach was that as the weather got colder, it’s time for movies, family, popcorn, and other things that make the Fall wonderful.   I concur, and this is a cornucopia of goodies.  Let’s take a closer look:

CVS Gold Emblem

CVS Gold Emblem Black Tea, Vanilla Bean Coffee Cookies…

CVS Gold Emblem

…CVS Gold Emblem Cherries and Nut Clusters, Pomegranate Flavored Dark Chocolate Bites…

CVS Gold Emblem

…CVS Gold Emblem Air Popped Butter Flavored Popcorn, and Maple Leaf Creme Cookies.  Yummy Yummy Yummsters. I chose three of these items to review for you, since I’m pretty sure we already know what buttered popcorn and granola tastes like. Same with the tea – I’m not shattering any barriers here. But these other three snacks???  I’m stoked to dive in.

CVS Gold Emblem CVS Gold Emblem

CVS Gold Emblem Vanilla Bean Coffee Cookies were pretty damn tasty.  They were crunchy and a bit dry, but I expected that. The flavor of the cookie itself was pretty cool – I definitely did get that wonderful vanilla bean taste, as the little speckles in the dough added a nice pleasant vanilla bean taste to each crunch.  I LOVE vanilla bean, so I wouldn’t have minded a bit more of the bean flavor.

The coffee flavor came through nicely, and wasn’t overpowering.  Mostly, it mixed in with the chocolate chip flavor of these HUGE chocolate chips.  The coffee flavor lingered nicely as an aftertaste, and when I smacked my lips, I could taste vanilla and coffee.  Nice work.  Nothing too mindblowing, but certainly very tasty,

CVS Gold Emblem CVS Gold Emblem

CVS Gold Emblem Maple Leaf Creme Cookies????  You kidding me????? Oh baby.  You guys know how I feel about Maple…I LOVE IT.  Growing up in Upstate NY, Maple was a flavor I grew up on.  And thankfully, these Maple Leaf Creme Cookies DELIVERED.

When I opened the cellophane, my nostrils IMMEDIATELY filled with maple sugar smell.  WOW.  I couldn’t even wait, I immediately dug into these light cookies with tan brown creme innards.  The outside was standard sugar cookie – not too crunchy, nice and buttery, sweet.  But the maple sugar creme was AWESOME.  It was nice and maple-y, and came apart like maple sugar should to turn my saliva into a makeshift maple syrup.  My mouth filled with so much maple sugar flavor that these cookies were super super sweet – which I LOVED.  HUGE thumbs up to these cookies.  Nice work, CVS.

CVS Gold Emblem CVS Gold Emblem

CVS Gold Emblem Pomegranate Flavored Dark Chocolate Bites were a bit of a let down, unfortunately. The problem is that these WEREN’T dried pomegranate bites, they were pomegranate FLAVORED bites.  And the “bites” were dried cranberries covered in dark chocolate.  So sure – they were a tasy, chocolate-y, chewy bite, but did these take like pomegranate?  Not…really.

Unlike the CVS blueberry flavored dark chocolate bites, I couldn’t distinguish the taste of pomegranate from the taste of cranberry.  I mean, both or pretty acidic red fruits, you know?  I didn’t really get any extra acidity from these bites than normal.  So, they tasted fine, but nothing special in my book.

To recap: I would highly recommend these Maple Leaf Creme cookies, everyone.  Good God.

PURCHASED AT: Well, sent to me, but I’m pretty sure all of these things are available at CVS.

COST: Varied

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3 Responses

  1. Eve

    The vanilla coffee cookies are amazing! I call them Starbucks cookies because they taste like a yummy rich drink. For ”drugstore” cookies they are fantastic. My only complaint is at $4.19 a box they are expensive so I only get them on sale. 2/$5 or 2/$6 and they are a must buy. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the GE popcorn. CVS is stepping up their game..

    • Eick

      CVS is definitely stepping up their game and I appreciate their frequent 20-25% off coupons I receive in my email. Those vanilla cookies are delicious!


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