Hey, So Good readers!  It’s your friendly neighborhood Junk Food Guy, back atcha this post-Super Bowl / Valentine’s Day week. I don’t know what is more emotionally draining – having to sit through the longest Super Bowl game ever, or having to think up something romantic for Valentine’s Day.  Flowers, candy, nice dinner, a gift, and I STILL have to put on pants when I meet your friends??  …. Some holiday THIS is.

Well, to ease my pain, the good ole people from CVS Gold Emblem Brand Products sent me a big box of stuff.  Well, So Good kingpin Eick had CVS send me a big box of stuff to review.  At least, I hoped it was a box of something edible.  When it arrived, it was heavy.  I opened the box to find this:

CVS Gold Emblem Brand Products

Er…I was sort of scared.  After I determined it was not a severed head, I slowly peeled back some bubble wrap…

CVS Gold Emblem Products

Wait, is that what I THINK it is??

CVS Products


CVS Gold Emblem Brand Products, for those of you who don’t know, is CVS’s personal line of snacks and treats sold only at CVS.  It’s apparently been revamped with a new logo, a new packaging style, and an overall re-launch of elevated taste and ingredient standards.

The box contained a whole bunch of treats.  I’m pretty sure the helmet is not available in stores.


Some of the CVS Gold Emblem Brand Products I received included chocolate chip cookies, trail mix, flavored sparkling waters…


…and this amazing football helmet, complete with the Gold Emblem and CVS logos on the side.  They even included the tiny patch of turf. Amazing.


The box finished off with more CVS Gold Emblem Brand Products: pistachios, mixed nuts, chocolate covered cashews, and gummy bears.


The inclusion of the helmet with these CVS Gold Emblem Brand Products was clearly a sign that CVS wanted these items promoted for the big game!  And for all future sporting events.  Naturally, I couldn’t resist – I had to try the sucker on.  I look just like Tom Brady, don’t I?  That’s my best scowl…


It occurred to me after I pried the helmet off my head that, huh, I’ve actually never worn a football helmet EVER in my entire life.  It hurt…These things are supposed to protect my head.  Then I read the big tag on the back (see above).  Ah….ok.  Glad I didn’t try to run into any walls.

Let’s down to the goods, shall we?


CVS Gold Emblem Cookies

CVS Gold Emblem Brand Absolutely Divine Chocolate Chip Cookies were very crunchy, and loaded with chocolate chips.  Negatives: these were sort of dry; definitely not the soft bake type. Positives: these were absolutely LOADED with chocolate chips.  Extremely chocolatey. Ended up eating half the box without thinking about it.

CVS Gold Emblem trail mix

CVS trailmix

I do love trail mix, and this CVS Gold Emblem Brand Classic Trail Mix Blend was a good one.  This version was saltier than other trail mixes I’d had, which I liked – gave the overall flavor more of a peanut butter and jelly taste, rather than just all sugar, like some trail mixes.  Yeah, I’m looking at you, Walmart Great Value Brands.


CVS Gold Emblem Brand Black Cherry Flavored Sparkling Water  was light and refreshing, much like any other flavored soda water you’ve had.  Good black cherry flavor.  It always sort of creeps me out that these are clear, but then again, I eat junk food for a living.  Moving on.



CVS Gold Emblem Brand Natural Pistachios were great.  Fresh, easy to crack, and full of flavor. Who doesn’t love pistachios? Not much to screw up here.  BTW, did anyone see PSY’s Super Bowl Pistachios commercial? They actually sang “AAAAAAAAYYYYYY CRACK YOUR NUTS NOW”  My jaw was locked open.


CVS Gold Emblem Brand Mixed Nuts and Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews were part of the reason this box was so heavy, I’m convinced.  Nice size tubs of nutty goodness!

CVS Gold Emblem mixed-nuts

CVS Gold Emblem Brand Mixed Nuts apparently do not contain any peanuts.  Why not?  I love peanuts!  Then again, it must be nice for the rest of these nuts to have a chance to shine without that damn peanut stealing all the thunder. Ok, I get it.  Brazil Nuts need lovin’ too.

CVS Gold Emblem chocolate-cashews

CVS chocolate-covered-cashews

CVS Gold Emblem Brand Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews were friggin tasty.  Dark chocolate flavor was really good, and you can see from the cross section that the chocolate coating was plenty thick – there was no skimping going on here.  Just a nice solid dip/coating.


gummy bears Brand Products

Ah, CVS Gold Emblem Brand Gummy Bears. I can’t remember the last time I had gummy bears!  Like, over a decade ago?  I used to wear braces and they told me I could NEVER eat gummy bears when I had braces.  But I did, all the time.  Sure, I had to get my wires fixed all the time…but that’s a small price to pay for this chewy chewy goodness.

Anyways, that’s it, So Good readers.  After CVS inspired gluttony this week, I’ll be back soon with more random and obscure snacks….or perhaps just the latest new one on the shelf.

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy. Let’s hang out.

7 Responses

  1. Diane B

    By the way, gold emblem also carries a mixed nut variety with peanuts. The mix nut variety that you received was their Deluxe without peanuts for folks to prefer other types of nuts other than peanut. I enjoy all of their varieties.

  2. April L


    I was eating a gummy bear by emblem and found a yellow paper clip inside of it. I thought one of my teeth caps were coming out but when I pulled it out it was a freaking paper clip! I guess it dropped in the liquid when the person was making the gummy bears and they didn’t notice. It was inside the gummy bear. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN EATING THESE…

  3. L Ashley

    I am one of the biggest fans of your CVS jelly beans. The ones with no black ones in them. I went and bought me 3 bags of jelly beans and now they have black and white ones. The bag that I use to buy with the pink, orange, yellow, red, purple and green tasted so much better. If at all possible please go back to your original recipe!!!

  4. Carl Williams

    I love the Gold Emblem sparkling drinks, especially the strawberry-kiwi. Yum! Maybe they used to be sweetened with aspartame, but now they
    are sweetened with sucralose. Zero calories. Vitamin-enhanced.

  5. Betty Fekete

    Are Gold Emblem products ‘organic’ and are they non GMO? These are important factors when I buy a new product. I already eat the raw almonds and find them very fresh and tasty.

  6. Barbara Frye

    I used to buy Gold emblem peppermint puffs all the time but for some reason they have changed to Blue Bird peppermint puffs and dissolve as soon as you put them in your mouth. The original Gold Emblems were much better and I bought them two and three times a week. Please go back to the Gold Emblem candies.I have even considered not buying them at all but haven’t found anything to replace them just yet.


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