So Good Readers, it’s Monday!  I am, as always, your friendly neighborhood Junk Food Guy, and I have been binging on football, not junk food, for the past 48 hours.  Still, it is the beginning of September, so OF COURSE Halloween candy is one everyone’s mind, isn’t it?  Some stores had this drivel already displayed mid-August.  Wow.

Now, there’s a lot of the same old stuff in stores now for those looking to purchase Halloween candy for giving away, or even Fall-flavored candies and foods generally. Recently, I reviewed the buzztastic Pumpkin Spice M&Ms over on my personal blog.  Equally buzzworthy, however, are the brand new Starburst Fruit Flavored Candy Corn!  As soon as I saw these, I knew that So Good had to try them.


I mean, let’s really look at these for a second.  Starburst Fruit Flavored Candy Corn.  STARBURST CANDY CORN.  This feels either like the greatest invention ever, or an abomination of the greatest degree.  I’m hoping it’s not the latter since *newsflash* I HATE CANDY CORN.  I don’t know.  I just don’t love the flavor – essentially, candy corn tastes like really over the top vanilla.  Additionally, it tastes waxy, I get WAY too into the sugar high and before I know it, all of my teeth have cavities.  Gross.

Starburst Candy Corn

Ah, but Starburst Fruit Flavored Candy Corn? Hopefully NO OVER THE TOP VANILLA TASTE AT ALL.  Instead, pictured here like tops to stickless popsicles, Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, and Cherry flavors!  First of all, kudos to Starburst for going with the original flavors, and second of all, I can just SEE the floodgates opening later – ALL THE WACKY STARBURST FLAVORS IN CANDY CORN FORM.  Holy cow, this is gonna be a money machine.

Starburst Fruit Flavored Candy Corn nutrition

Starburst Fruit Flavored Candy Corn has…not much redeeming nutritional content.  But you know that.  It’s candy corn, not vitamins.

Fruit Flavored Candy Corns

I opened the bag, and out poured the familiar citrus-y Starburst smell, sugary and inviting.  These Starburst Fruit Flavored Candy Corn look exactly like pastel colored candy corn, but…

Fruit Candy Corn

…THEY TASTE AMAZING.  I must admit, I thought these Starburst Fruit Flavored Candy Corn looked freaky, but when it comes to taste…they did well. Basically, these were candy corn for about 10% of the time.  Texture-wise, these were soft, chewy, and sort of waxy, just like the candy corn you’ve come to know and love/hate.  But flavor-wise, the Starburst taste took over the remaining 90% of these candies.

The taste of Starburst was pretty spot on.  Sure, the lack of taffy-texture means that the flavors fade more quickly than when chewing a normal Starburst, but for anyone who wondered what a quicker dissolving more sugary version of Starburst would be like – THIS IS IT.  All four flavors matched their Starburst counterparts pretty perfectly.  At the end, I thought I detected a HINT of that vanilla-candy corn flavor…but I think I was overthinking it.

All in all, I have to say these Starburst Candy Corn were a huge success.  I liked them, honestly.  Candy Corn has a new frontrunner for me.  Good job, Starburst.  Now where’s my toothbrush?

PURCHASED AT: Super Walmart, but you can get these everywhere now

COST: $3.00 on sale

Thoughts? Please comment below or hit me up on Twitter @junkfoodguy and read more reviews at Let’s hang out.

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