Welcome to Monday, home of So Good Eating Styles polls. Today’s topic: frozen pizza. How well do you like yours cooked?


Having polled you guys on topics ranging from how you hold your pizza to which toppings you prefer, to pizza condiments and soaking up pizza grease, I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I love pizza. And while a fancy pie from Pizza Luce in Minneapolis is great, nothing hits the spot quite like a frozen pizza on a weekday night (preferably with House of Cards pulled up on Netflix). But my dad and I disagree on how long to cook the pizza. While he likes to bake it until the cheese is dark brown, I like the cheese to be white and barely melted.

What’s your done-ness preference? Vote for either dark brown cheese or white cheese below* and explain in the comments.

*For the sake of competition, let’s pretend there’s no middle ground.

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