A few Thursdays ago, we asked you about your favorite pizza-eating method. Now we want to know what you put on top of that gooey, delicious pizza! Here are five typical sets of pizza toppings:

Cheese (plain)

Pepperoni (or any single-ingredient pizza, like “sausage”)

Meat Lover’s (pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon)

Veggie (green pepper, onion, olive, tomato, etc.)

Supreme (meat and veggie-loaded)

Personally, I don’t like how pizza delivery menu options like “meat lover’s” and “Hawaiian” confine the customer to one set of toppings. For instance, what if someone (like me) loves pepperoni and Canadian bacon, but hates sausage? In that situation, meat lover’s is a no go. That’s why I strongly encourage you particular topping-selectors to choose “other” and tell us what you really like in the comments.

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  1. Sam

    My typical order is pepperoni, Canadian bacon, green peppers, mushrooms, olives, and onions. But it’s all in the sauce, really.

  2. Lis

    Sausage, mushrooms, and extra cheese would be ideal.
    Though, some of the best pizza I ever had came with a giant slice of fried eggplant on top. Omg.

  3. Sizzle

    In my opinion, a solid pizza balances a minimalist amount of ingredients, or toppings, not counting cheese. That does not mean I’m against a fried egg or anything like that, but it does mean I don’t want too many different components loading it down.

  4. James

    Something everyone is forget a major componet to the pizza that make the toppings work or not work is the crust. Me personally I like the pizza loaded with meats pan style or deep dish : )

  5. Gammapod

    Pepperoni + Pineapple. Lots of people think it’s gross, but I can’t get enough!

  6. Obbop

    Where available, linguicia.

    Not the sliced-akin-to-pepperoni style but the cooked first then crumbled then placed atop the pizza-then-baked style.

    Best topping I ever devoured.

    Common in the ‘Frisco Bay area and sections of the California Central Valley.

    Linguicia introduced long ago with arrival of Portugese immigrants.

    Many areas of USA have never heard of the stuff, as in my current location atop the tornado-swept Ozark Plateau not far from recently ravaged Joplin, MO.

    My how I have a mighty hankerin’ for a linguicia laden pizza!!!!!

    Along with a lustful desire for a scaloni supper but that is another tale of woe and despair.



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