It’s Monday, meaning it’s time for another Eating Styles post. My friend once claimed that pizza grease was the best part of a pizza, then licked the shiny residue straight off his plate to prove it.  He pulled this bold move in protest after he saw me soaking up my pizza grease with a napkin, something I always do out of habit ever since I read that it decreases the fat by 80 percent.

Caprese_Pizza_ 012


We’ve already asked you how you hold your pizza and what kind of toppings you like on your pizza, so this week we’re wondering, do you soak up your pizza grease with a napkin? Vote yes or no below and explain your choice in the comments.


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7 Responses

  1. Mark

    Absolutely not, it is perfectly acceptable to use a napkin to wipe the grease from your hands and forearms using a napkin but it should not touch the surface of the pizza.

  2. Not-so-famous Dave

    I tend to overload mine with pepperoni and other greasy meats, so I do. I heard a lettuce leaf dredged across the top will pull grease off as well…have not tried that.

  3. Teddy Izzo

    I haven’t been doing it as of late but when I come across a particularly greasy pizza, it needs to be dealt with. I’d like to be able to eat my pizza without all my arteries clogging.

  4. incognito

    I do, especially if the pepperoni has little swimming pools of grease in them, not so much the cheese though..

  5. Alex

    I mostly just soak up the pools of oil with a tip of the napkin.

    Straight blotting kind of ruins the pizza cause you end up picking up some sauce while you’re at it.

  6. Geena Stepp

    yes yes yes. the grease doesn’t make the pizza taste any different, yet if it’s not there you are consuming wayyyy less fat. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t do it!


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