WHAT UP, So Good Readers!  Just your friendly neighborhood Junk Food Guy, here providing you with more amateur insight into some of the strangest snacks on shelves today!  Today’s sampling: Bubblegum Peeps!

Bubblegum Peeps

You know what I REALLY don’t like?  Things that taste like bubblegum that AREN’T bubblegum.  I’m talking bubblegum ice cream, bubblegum flavored frosting – yick.  So of course, when I saw these Bubblegum Peeps, I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to them.  Because why NOT just make bad decisions for myself?  It’s a living. (Sidenote: It’s not a living.)

Bubblegum Peeps

Bubblegum Peeps contain “classic bubblegum flavor in a marshmallow chick!” Well THAT sounds horrifying.  Almost as horrifying as their suggestion to bake these into a cake.

And by the way – is it bubblegum or bubble gum?  I prefer the one word variety, and I’m sticking to it.

Bubblegum Peeps

Bubblegum Peeps contain about 28 calories per Peep, which isn’t bad at all, and I’m sure the bubblegum “flavor” is listed in the ingredients somewhere.  Although what is “natural” bubblegum flavor?  I was a kid once upon a time and tried the whole “chewing tree sap” thing….GROSS.

Bubblegum Peeps

AAAHHHH these Bubblegum Peeps were super pink and smelled a LOT like bubblegum!  They were soft and squishy, like un-stale Peeps are, so it confused me.  These didn’t FEEL like bubblegum, yet they were going to taste like them?  Sigh.  Time to rip the band-aid off, and just take the eating plunge…

Bubblegum Peeps

I bit into these Bubblegum Peeps and shuddered…shuddered because they did, indeed, taste like bubblegum.  The flavor was exactly on point…everything I remembered from chewing Big League Chew, or those individually wrapped pieces that came in a big bucket, or even Bazooka bubblegum… all of it came flooding back.  These Peeps had that round bubblegum taste that was sweet yet someone tickled the back and sides of my tongue.

Strangely enough, and I can’t believe I felt this way, but after a few chews…I actually started to like it.  I KNOW.  I didn’t want to spit it out like I assumed – as I chewed and then swallowed, the bubblegum flavor didn’t overwhelm me.  It was almost as if the flavor faded toward the end of the chews ever so slightly to bring out the Peeps marshmallow flavor such that I was able to swallow it.

These were…these were definitely very interesting.  Give ’em a shot if you like bubblegum, or even if you HATE bubblegum.  They definitely surprised me, and will surprise you too – I’m sure of it!


COST: $1.34 on sale

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3 Responses

  1. renee

    I’m a believer that only bubblegum should taste like bubblegum, not Peeps, not toothpaste, not dental floss, and especially not medications(shudder!) What IS the taste of bubblegum anyway???

  2. Paige

    The one thing I always say about the bubblegum Peeps is that it’s so confusing to your mouth/brain when you’ve been taught not to swallow gum. You’re chewing something that’s chewy and soft and tastes just like bubblegum and then you swallow it and it feels like you’ve just swallowed gum. That being said, I freaking love these Bubblegum peeps and I really don’t like peeps that much in general.


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