Back in the 1930’s, as more and more folk had access to motorized transit, roadside attractions started popping up all over America.  Enterprising towns began littering the sides of the roads with billboards and signs, hoping  curious travelers would take a moment and divert off the beaten path, bringing their wallets in tow. Whether it be a restaurant shaped like a giant shoe or  a 20 foot statute of a can of soup, oddities like these meant a much needed influx of tourism generated income.

Once the U.S. Interstate started up in the mid-1950s, the majority of roadside attractions saw a quick and devastating decline in visits. Most began collecting dust, fell into disrepair or were torn down.

Those that survived these  decidedly lean decades were ultimately rewarded with an uptick in visits, fueled by the dawn of the internet era.  Now, roadside attractions, truly a part of Americana, continue to lure motorists off the big highways so they can post a picture of themselves next to a giant fiberglass baked potato on Instagram.


Peach perfect in Gaffney, South Carolina.

Brunswick - World's Largest Pecan

World’s largest Pecan in Brunswick Missouri.


Pistachio in Alamogordo, New Mexico.


The Jimmy Carter Peanut of Plains statute in Plains Georgia.


Baked potato outside the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot Idaho.


Giant perogy in Glendon Alberta.


World’s largest six pack at City Brewing Company in La Cross Wisconsin.

LA 04 2005 013

Iconic Randy’s Donut in Los Angeles California.

The Giant Artichoke Restaurant

Giant artichoke in Castroville California.

Collinsville - World's Largest Catsup Bottle

Catsup bottle water tower in Collinsville Illinois.


Old shot of the Root Beer Barrel in Douglas Michigan.


Giant Campbell’s Tomato Soup can in Napoleon Ohio.

Blue Earth - Jolly Green Giant Statue

Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth Minnesota, is the 9th tallest statute in America.

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  1. Linny

    Aw, the peach water tower! My sister and I used to play a game to see who could spot the peach first whenever we’d drive into Gaffney to shop.

  2. Traci

    Fun collection of photos! We travel purposely to visit world’s largests, and have seen the world’s largest apple in Winchester, VA, as well as the world’s largest pancake griddle in Penn Yan, NY.


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