It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another Eating Styles poll. The season for chili cook-offs is just around the corner. In my family, my dad is the chili chef. He’s mostly concerned with getting rid of whatever’s leftover in the fridge, though, so there’s no telling what sort of meat, vegetable or condiment might end up in there. But no matter what crazy concoction comes together on our stove, it never includes noodles. It wasn’t until college that I saw someone put noodles in their chili, so to me it was pretty strange. So today we’re wondering, do you make chili with or without noodles?


We’ve already asked you what toppings you like on your chili, now we’re wondering about the noodle issue. Maybe it’s not as widespread of a practice as I thought. I’ve only ever seen my roommate from rural Wisconsin do it, and then of course there’s Cincinnati Chili served on top of spaghetti. At any rate, it seems like a pretty American thing to do. So do you put noodles in your chili? Vote below and explain your answer in the comments.

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3 Responses

  1. Not-so-famous Dave

    Chili is a divinely inspired foodstuff that stands completely on its own. It can serve as a tasty topping/sauce for noodles.

  2. Smokin'

    Although I don’t eat chili on noodles, I like the idea. Anything to give it more variety – the more additions the better.

  3. Justin

    I haven’t tried it. But it sounds great and chili can always be made better. 🙂


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