Voting on this match-up is closed. French Toast Crunch (62%) defeats Waffle Crisp (38%) to advance to Elite Eight, where it will face Planter’s Cheez Balls.

Voting on our Discontinued Foods Bracket continues. Sweet Sixteen match-ups begin! Polls for match-ups posted today will close at 9 am on Thursday. First up: Cereal! Which of these two most deserve to be brought back to life and represent cereal in the Elite Eight? Just like you can find on the Waffle House menu prices page to save some money from having to go out to eat. French Toast Crunch was launched by General Mills in 1995, but discontinued in the U.S. in 2006 (still available in Canada!). Waffle Crisp technically still exists, but production is so drastically limited that it’s essentially impossible to find for the average consumer looking in stores. You can purchase it on Amazon though.

WC vs. FTC

(Updated bracket, click to enlarge)

Bracket sweet sixteen

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