Our first round of the Discontinued Foods Bracket has ended, and we’re down to the Sweet Sixteen. What did we learn from round 1? The Surge supporters are out in force, with several thousand votes for the expired drink, good for 93% against Sprite Remix. While vote margin is no doubt affected by the quality of the opponent, three other products topped 70% in the first round, and are perhaps contenders to keep an eye on – Planter’s Cheez Balls (78%), Snapple Elements (76%) and Crispy M&M’s (70%). Here’s the updated bracket:

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Bracket sweet sixteen


Voting on Sweet Sixteen match-ups will take place Tuesday and Wednesday, with voting on Elite Eight match-ups going from Thurs + Fri through the weekend. Next Monday we’ll announce the final four and a winner will be chosen by the end of next week.

What did you think about the first round results? Most shocking loss? Surprise winner? Who are you predicting for Final Four?

6 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    why are there items on this bracket that are still in production? I can get Dunkaroos, Orbitz, and Twinkies at the Dollar Store down the street!

  2. Chris

    Dunkaroos can be bought still at Walmart. They should not be in the bracket.

  3. Linny

    Dude, where are you living that your Walmart has Dunkaroos? I would seriously buy some if my Walmart had them, if for no other reason than nostalgia.


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