Voting on this match-up is closed. Twinkies (61%) beats up on Magic Middles (39%) to advance and face Butterfinger BB’s in the Elite Eight.

Lets stay sweet for the Sweet Sixteen of our Discontinued Foods Bracket continues. Twinkies are the most recently discontinued product in our tournament, with production halted in November, 2012. They’re still readily available online though! I can’t even find specific details on Magic Middles, but it seems they were discontinued sometime in late ’80s or ’90s.

MM vs Twink

(Updated bracket, click to enlarge)

Bracket sweet sixteen

3 Responses

  1. Ashley

    You realize that Twinkies haven’t been discontinues, right? Their company tanked but their recipe has recently been sold and they are coming back.

  2. Eick

    Hey Ashley – they have been discontinued in the U.S. Production stopped completely in November, 2012. They may, in fact, come back, but that could theoretically happen with any of these products. Nothing is official/final until another company starts cranking out Twinkies. As of right now, they are most definitely discontinued.


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