Fast food titan Wendy’s, who recently passed Burger King to become second in the country in total fast food sales, is rolling out a new logo starting in March. The logo ditches the yellow seen in the last two iterations, switches to a distinctly different font and appears to emphasize Wendy’s freckles a tad more than the previous two logos – and her neckline indicates perhaps some new garb?

Here’s the new logo:


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And here’s the one they’ve been using since  1983:


Which do you prefer?

Among the most notable substantive changes, Wendy’s is dropping the always-used-previously “Old-Fashioned Hamburgers” copy. Perhaps a play for the more diverse and less burger oriented crowd fast food chains are now trying to appeal to? But note they also drop the “Quality is our Recipe” text above the image of Wendy. So is quality no longer part of their recipe? Or is that just trying to make the logo cleaner?

And what do you think of how it compares to previous logos from the past? Which one do you like best?

Layout 1

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  1. Jay

    I understand removing the focus on hamburgers. Personally, I really like their spicy chicken sandwich.

    First, I notice the “hamburger” missing, then I noticed that they also removed “quality” from the logo. Does this mean they are going to reduce quality? Probably not, but it does make me worry a bit.


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