What up, So Good Readers? I’d like to take a short walk down memory lane for a second.  When I was in grade school, Doritos came out with a new snack – 3-Ds, they were called.  They were these Bugle-like three corner puffy chips that came in a variety of flavors…and they were damn good.  They had a pretty iconic Super Bowl commercial too, featuring Ali Landry, which you can see here.  Sometime in the later 90’s, this line of snacks was yanked, never to be seen again!  Heck, they even made Buzzfeed (check out #9).  Never eat again…so true…

So imagine my surprise when I walked into a convenience store in Mexico and found: Doritos 3-Ds Queso!!!!  Say whaaaaaa??????

Doritos 3-Ds Queso

I was SHOCKED when I saw these Doritos 3-Ds Queso…primarily because I hadn’t seen them for over a decade!  Was Mexico just behind the times…or ahead of the curve, not letting these bad boys go out of style? Seriously, my jaw dropped when I saw them.  Did I just go back in time 20 years?

Doritos 3-Ds Queso

“Ay ay if if we change our image … but with the same flavor you late! Llegale your snacks Doritos”… Yeah, Google Translate…you aren’t good.

Doritos 3-Ds Queso

Doritos 3-Ds Queso ‘s first ingredient is harina de Maiz, which translates into…corn starch?  What the??  I’m hoping I translated that wrong…

Doritos 3-Ds Queso

When I opened this bag of Doritos 3-Ds Queso, and saw what the inside chips looked like – it was like my childhood came rushing back to me.  Holy cow.  These really still existed!!! The bag smelled like fake cheddar that was not too different than how a normal Doritos bag smells.  But how would the texture (the key to this snack) hold up to my memories?

Doritos 3-Ds Queso

I munched on a few of these Doritos 3-Ds Queso and was blown away.  These tasted and felt EXACTLY like how I remembered them!  Each puffed corn triangle was light, airy, and had a nice crunch.  The corn flavor still reminded me of Doritos – these didn’t have the weird puffed corn taste that I hate with Bugles.  These tasted like Puffed Doritos!

The cheese flavor was definitely artificial, but nice and tangy and reminiscent of Doritos Nacho Cheese.  The finish on the puffs was tortilla-chip-y, and I LOVED THEM.

Next time I’m in Mexico, I am buying a CASE of these.  They should’ve never halted production here in the US.

PURCHASED AT: OXXO store in Mexico

COST: The equivalent of about $1.50.

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