Have you heard about Crowdfunding yet? A plethora of sites are allowing budding entrepreneurs to pitch their business models to the online masses, in hopes of securing monetary pledges towards meeting their financial goal.  By soliciting the web, your potential investor pool increases  exponentially, as anyone with a PayPal account is now a possible backer.  Sure beats sweating it out at the Bank.

Not surprisingly, one of the biggest categories is food. From microbreweries to cupcake bakeries,  people are hoping the fundraising goal they’ve set is met, so their dream of becoming a small business owner is fulfilled.

Other than a solid business plan, correct grammar and a decent product,  here are a few helpful tips for anyone thinking of Don Drapering this new avenue for investments via complete strangers. Regardless, you still only have one shot at intriguing, engaging and securing money. First impressions are still key.


Puns do not always equate funds.


Thoroughly research the needs of a potential niche market before pigeonholing yourself.


Regardless of good intentions, does your branding help or hinder?


Catering to Hipsters can pay off.


Sex often sells. However, some double entendres should be reconsidered.


Often, subtlety goes a long way.


Scaling is your friend.


Sometimes it’s best not trying to reinvent the wheel.


Stay classy.


There doesn’t have to be a food truck for every single food known to mankind.


The popularity of “The Walking Dead” does not mean everything zombie related will find funding.

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