Visions of sugar plums dancing in ones head is passe.

It’s fitting, that during a Holiday known for excessive carb loading, we as a society would want to celebrate the season by adorning our balsams and firs with sparkly, hand blown glass nods to tacos, or plush, cotton ball stuffed salutes to bacon.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if  Hallmark released an annual “Salute to State Fair Food” line of Christmas ornaments.

Here for your amusement and/or horror, are actual decorations being sold these days. Because nothing says the Holidays like your tree top angel looking down at a plate of nachos.

From the  Carlton Cards line of “Competitive Eating” ornament series.

Santa always wondered how Frosty could get ulcers.

Little known Nativity Factoid: The first Wise Man actually brought fries, not frankincense. *Bethlehem had a McDonald’s.

Taco Bell can come up with a shell made out of Doritos but can’t offer a taco themed decorations for the tree?

Everyone dreaded being Jared’s Secret Santa recipient.

From the “Broke Ass & Starving College Student” line of Holiday decorations. Gold sparkled Kraft Dinner box also available.

I’m unsure how many times cupcakes have jumped the shark but I am pretty sure that Great White has been teased more times than a “Toddlers & Tiaras” participant’s hair.

Wonder what your dog does while you sleep? He just sits there all night, looking up at the tree and praying to pooch Jesus, the cat dislodges this ornament.

Adding a smiley face instantly makes it  good for you!

I would totally replace the angel on top of my tree with a honey crueler.

The closest you’ll get to the scene in ” A Christmas Story” when they have their last minute Holiday dinner at the Chinese Restaurant.

I didn’t get the memo but apparently corn dogs are the new candy canes when it comes to trimming your tree.

From the Swanson TV Dinner line of “Bachelor Life” Holiday ornaments.

Since everyone seems to be OK with M&M characters adorning trees everywhere, candy companies have now apparently given up subtlety for Lent.

Say what you will but nothing compares to the warm glow of  Christmas tree lights as they reflect off sparkly nacho cheese.

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3 Responses

  1. Cynthia

    I confess that we’ve had a glass green pickle on our tree a few years ago. My daughter loves pickles, and just had to have it. It was on the back, down low, but it was there.

  2. Heidi

    We hunt for our tree pickle every Christmas! This year, I have a blown glass bucket of popcorn, which is appropriate because I eat the stuff every night!


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