Not all canned food is a bad thing. Canned tuna may not be high end cuisine but properly handled, I love a tuna sandwich. The only thing that I, and most other people don’t like about opening a can of tuna, is opening a can a tuna. Over the years many devices have been created for the specific task of draining tuna without somehow covering yourself with tuna juice.

The horrors of tuna juice have ruined many an office lunch so a solution that doesn’t involve never having tuna again would be a welcome thing. Lets see if the folks at Chicken of the Sea can solve this one.

I have done a bunch of reviews here at So Good and right out of the box I was impressed with the packaging for this sample.

While “It’s a No Drainer” is a bit forced for a tag line the commercial that was linked via the bar code was really quite cute.

I had my choice of regular tuna and their Thai chili offering, I have stayed away from seasoned tuna since it first hit the market so I figured now was the time give it a whirl.

OK enough of the outside, lets see what is in the can. As I pulled the ring tab (nice touch already) I had my usual moment of trepidation waiting for the juice to spill out over my hands and my sink. It didn’t happen, so far so good. I dumped it out onto a plate and was really impressed, that bit of liquid on the plate,


and the little bit left in the can was all that there was.

My biggest concern was that it would be even more dry than regular tuna. I was pleasantly surprised.  Not that it was moist and succulent mind you, but it was no more dry than typical tuna. I have to say that the Thai chili flavor was not much to write home about, it came across mostly as salt. It wasn’t bad but I think I will stick with the plain tuna and season it myself.

All in all I think the design and lack of horrible tuna juice is a major positive. What ever they did to process it didn’t make it any better or worse than another can of Chicken of The Sea as far as flavor goes.  The only drawback I can see is that prolonged use of these cans might lull you into a false sense of security so that the next  time you use regular tuna you will be headed for a juicy disaster.


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