Ask any Amish and they’ll tell you knitting or crocheting is old school. Its been around since butter required churning. Long before that sexy Cop, Harrison Ford went undercover and turned their simple world upside down.

I remember my Grandmother sitting in her rocking chair for hours on end, knitting her way through what seemed to be a gross tonnage of mismatched wool & yarn, keeping the family toasty over the Winter via God awful homemade socks & hats which resembled something Tim Burton & Willy Wonka designed for Oompa Loompas with thin blood.

Today, people aren’t content with putting long, “knit one, purl two” hours into a scarf. No, we’re way past that.

Oh Etsy, why must you fuel another trend destined to be featured on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction“? Or, from what I can tell by the increasing demand for these items, maybe even “Hoarders”.

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